Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Posted: 03/10/2024

Development Development
Reports to Director of Development
Supervises N/A
FLSA Status Exempt
Effective Date February 2024

JOB SUMMARY: The Marketing and Public Relations Associate will play a key role in implementing and executing marketing strategies to enhance our brand visibility and strengthen our public relations efforts. This position requires the individual to work closely with cross-functional teams to create compelling content, coordinate events, manage social media, and engage with the media to ensure a positive public image for the agency.

  • Responsible for drafting and coordinating the annual communications plan with the Director of Development to reach and interact with the community.
  • Develop engaging and persuasive content for various platforms, including website, social media, and press releases.
  • Collaborate with members of different departments for content creation.
  • Strategic and creative growth of all social media platforms.
  • Establish meaningful vendor connections for publishing and distributing marketing materials.
  • Support, assist, and contribute to the development of the agency's annual report, newsletters, appeals, monthly e-newsletters, and other marketing and distribution materials.
  • Track and analyze marketing and PR performance metrics using different platforms.
  • Provide monthly reports and insights to the Director of Development to evaluate the effectiveness of different campaigns.
  • Cultivate relationships with media outlets, journalists, and influencers.
  • Draft and distribute press releases, manage media inquiries, and seek opportunities for media coverage.
  • Responsible for ensuring that key stakeholder groups (both internal and external) are kept appraised of relevant topics and achievements.
  • Assist with planning and execution of fundraising events.
  • Coordinate logistics, and promotional materials, and ensure a seamless event experience.
  • Editing and inputting donor gifts and generating thank you letters.
Required Education: Bachelor's Degree
Preferred Education: Bachelor's or Master's
Field of Study: Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or related field
Work Experience: 3- 5 years
Certifications, Licenses, Registrations Required: Vaild driver's license

  • Demonstrated knowledge and familiarity with effective Communications and Development strategies.
  • Ability to engender high levels of trust and confidence with the Director of Development and other members of the agency.
  • High-level interpersonal relationship skills: ability to lead, inspire, and motivate others
  • High sense of creativity and accountability for achieving results
  • Demonstrate sound judgment while interacting with clients, staff, board, or public
  • Diplomacy, discretion, and ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Collaboration skills, ability to establish and maintain good working relationships
  • Ability to work effectively independently, as well as a member of a team
  • Strong project management skills
  • Program development skills
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe (PDF, InDesign, Illustrator), Google Analytics, and WordPress.
  • Familiarity with Hootsuite, Constant Contact, Donor Perfect, Canva, and Fugo (preferred but not required.)
  • Creative skills using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
Physical and Environmental Job Requirements Amount of time
Rarely Occasionally Frequently Constantly
Physical Requirements
Sitting – required to sit for extended periods of time without being able to leave the work area.       X
Standing – required to remain on feet in an upright position for continuous periods of time without being able to leave the work area.   X    
Walking – required to walk considerable distances in the facility during the course of work.    X    
Lifting – required to raise or lower objects from one level to another regularly.
  Up to 10 pounds   X    
  11 to 20 pounds X      
  21 to 30 pounds X      
  31 to 50 pounds X      
  51 to 75 pounds (team lifting as appropriate) X      
  76 to 100 pounds (team lifting required) X      
Carrying – required to carry objects in arms or on the shoulder.    X    
Pushing – required to exert force up to 5 lbs so that an object can be moved away.  X      
Pulling – required to exert force up to 5 lbs so that an object can be moved towards employee.  X      
Climbing – required to climb and work in overhead areas.  X      
Balancing – required to move between objects or work in overhead areas.  X      
Stooping – required to bend forward by bending at the waist.  X      
Kneeling – required to move or support self on knees. X      
Crouching – required to bend the legs or spine.  X      
Crawling – required to work in confined space and move about on hands and knees.  X      
Reaching – required to use hands and arms to reach for or place objects.  X      
Grasping – required to pick up objects with fingers.  X      
Substantial Movements – required to perform substantial movement (motions) of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.     X  
Eye, Hand, Foot Coordination – required to coordinate the eyes, hands, feet with each other in response to visual stimuli.    X    
Motor Coordination Skills – required to coordinate eyes, hands and fingers rapidly and accurately and handle precise movements.   X    
Color Determination – required to identify colors through vision.    X    
Near Acuity – required close, clear vision with or without correction.   X    
Depth Perception – required to distinguish depth.  X      

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