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Welcome to Altrix Primary Care! At Altrix Primary Care, dedicated expert nurse practitioners provide high quality comprehensive primary care services for people of all ages- from newborns to older adults. Our nursing model of care is distinctive because it is unhurried, highly personalized, easily accessible healthcare for you and your family. Our model of care blends health promotion/wellness care and “sick” care. We treat you when you are feeling sick, and work to prevent complications of your illness. Our model emphasizes physical and mental health, and also focuses on prevention, screening, and health promotion. We take into account your cultural values, health beliefs, and personal health goals.

At Altrix Primay Care NPs coordinate your care so that you are not lost in the maze of a complex health system. We provide education so you know what to expect. We make careful referrals so that you receive the care you need and avoid duplication of tests or services. We pay attention to cost, so that you receive the care you need in the most efficient way. And we utilize leading edge technology to provide timely and convenient access to care. We support you in making your own choices about your care. Altrix (“nurse” in Latin) Primary Care is a different kind of healthcare experience. Let us be your Partner in Health!

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