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Mike began his journey as an entrepreneur when he co-founded an online auto parts company with his brother and father. For 20 years they grew 1A Auto to over 500 employees and 250 Million in Revenue. In 2009 Mike had the idea to film himself replacing some of the parts the company sells. This visionary idea resulted in 1000s of videos that help customers solve their automotive problems.

Along his journey, Mike participated in Vistage and enjoyed learning, understanding and helping other entrepreneurs solve their problems and build great businesses. He is a member of C12 the Christian Owners and CEO group. He believes strongly that God has called us all to build great businesses to deliver products and solutions that people need.

Mike discovered EOS as it was brought into 1A Auto years ago. He saw its ability to harness the creativity of a Visionary, bring structure and enable growth. He is abundance minded and has a help first attitude. He is grateful to be a Professional EOS implementer, interacting and helping open minded, growth oriented business leaders.


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