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Security on Autopilot Program - A systematic approach designed to truly keep people secure for $99/Month*
Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, Drugs In the Workplace/Home, Recognize Signs of Violence, De-Escalation, Receptionist Training
-Review, improve, establish practical, sensible, effective policies and procedures.
-Reduce mandatory training time and cost by 70%
-Increase training effectiveness by 100%
-Establish personal responsibility and desire to get more training and the resources for them to do it
-Designed to keep employees secure at work and at home
-Continuous, up-to-date resources to keep you abreast of today's unique and dangerous threats

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  • Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence
  • Drugs - Reasonable Suspicion
  • Recognize Signs of Violence/De-Escalation
  • Lone Worker Security Training


Joe Hileman Co-Founder
Terry Choate Co-Founder
Live Training Event
DC Meeting to Inspire Change!
Live Training


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