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We believe that the most effective education starts with a welcoming learning environment. World Academy’s 55,000 square ft., state-of-the-art facilities are organized to create the most positive, stimulating, and secure setting possible for your child’s development. From the classrooms to the collaborative gathering spaces, each is outfitted with the latest, age-appropriate technology to inspire curiosity on both an inter- and intrapersonal level – the pillars of 21st Century education.

At World Academy, our focus is on providing families with a continuum of year-round quality education, care and recreation for children six weeks of age through Grade 8. This includes developmentally appropriate classes focusing on literacy, character, multiculturalism, enrichment and individualized learning. Our school is an accredited, licensed, independent and developmentally appropriate program for children of all ages for childcare, preschool, elementary/middle school, and summer camp.

We accomplish our mission through an in-depth, quality curriculum, small classes, inspired staff, and a focus on excellence in education, student empowerment, diversity, values and the attainment of conflict resolution and negotiation skills.


  • All levels receive a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that addresses all aspects of the whole child
  • We support children by supporting their families.
  • We teach 21st century skills that are vital for success in the ever-changing global future.


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