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About Us

David Worthen leads Worthen Industries, a solutions company. Worthen applies science to produce better adhesives, coatings, and laminated products for its customers in the footwear, automotive, packaging, apparel, and related industrial markets.
Worthen is a privately held, diversified manufacturer headquartered just north of Boston in Nashua, New Hampshire. With fourteen business groups, they focus on the needs of specific industrial markets, while providing each customer the technology and business resources of the entire Worthen Industries organization. Worthen has located operations strategically around the world in Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Taiwan, to serve you where you are.

Because they remain privately held, Worthen Industries enjoys the advantage of ignoring the short-term quarterly bottom line focus that Wall Street demands of public entities. Thus, they devise and implement long-term strategies to bring better products and services to you, their customers, around the world.


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