Adventure Quest Team Building!

Has the Amazing Race come to Nashua? Here at Stepping Stones, it looks that way!
Every day of the year our staff and clients are on a quest to end youth homelessness, and now we want to include the rest of the Nashua community in our adventure. Our ever-growing facility is proud to kick off summer 2022 with Adventure Quest on June 11th. Enjoy friendly competition, creative challenges, delicious food, and, of course, a three mile tour of our beautiful city! In this contest of wits and imagination, teams of four will participate in a series of fun challenges and solve clues that will take them to a variety of hotspots throughout the Nashua downtown area. Prizes await the third, second, and first place winners, and all the participants will join us at the end of the day for a cook-out. All are welcome to register!

Ready to enjoy a day of teambuilding with your employees? More information at:

What is Stepping Stones?
It is estimated that around 400 homeless youth walk the streets of Nashua each year. At Stepping Stones, we provide a place for youth, 25 and under, to turn for basic services such as a hot shower, meals, snacks, clean clothing, and a place to rest. Beyond that, Stepping Stones works with each of our youth to help them define their goals, and the steps needed to reach them, such as earning their GED or enrolling in community college, obtaining driver’s licenses, and applying for jobs and housing. Our drop-in center strives to provide an underserved population with the resources and emotional support they need to become self-sufficient adults. Those who choose to support Stepping Stones help re-write the stories of youth who are in desperate need of a new chapter.


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